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每周二 |上午 10 点 |摩尔兰社区中心,林肯
2 英镑 | 07305 095690
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New Age Kurling 是在冰上进行的原始冰壶比赛的一种形式,经过调整后,它可以在室内任何光滑、平坦的表面上进行,球员从球场的一端将冰球投向球场另一端的目标。法庭。


玩家可以用手、脚、推杆或使用坡道来移动石头——这意味着 New Age Kurling 真的是一个所有人都可以玩和享受的游戏!

Positively Impact your Mental Health With Sport

Even short bursts of regular exercise have a proven positive impact on mental health. This is why joining us for Walking Football could be the first step to better mental health for you. Here are just a few ways in which sports and physical activity can positively impact your mental health.

  • Improve your Mood: Exercise releases feel-good hormones, which tell your brain to improve your mood. Recent studies showed that people who categorised themselves as feeling low noted a significant improvement in mood after they undertook physical activity.

  • Reduce Stress: People who partake in regular physical activity often have lower stress levels.

  • Increase Self-Esteem: Exercise can often help you to feel better about yourself.

  • Tackle Depression and Anxiety: GPs often prescribe regular exercise as part of a Mental Health programme to help sufferers of Depression and Anxiety. Taking part in regular activity and sport empowers individuals to self-manage their recovery.

  • Sleep Better: Physical Activity will help to tire you out during the day and therefore help you to get a better night's sleep.

  • Connect with new people: Sporting activities allow connecting with like-minded new people, without the pressure of finding a common ground. 



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